Spring is the season when we declutter and refresh our wardrobe. A closet clean-out not only helps you rediscover forgotten treasures but also allows you to make room for new favorites. We put together a spring 2024 trend report for you to know exactly what’s trending this season!

1. Nonbasic Basics - Timeless pieces that are reimagined. Look for pieces that are versatile and will effortlessly transition you from day to night, or work to play. Look for wardrobe essentials that offer a fresh take on classics staples that can be styled in countless ways. 

2. Skirts - For the past several seasons we have seen the comeback of denim skirts in almost every collection. Spring 2024 is all about skirts, not just denim. Designers are experimenting with details like pleated silhouettes, voluminous styles, and asymmetrical hemlines, keeping skirts fresh and exciting for the season. Shop some of our favorites that are available in store today! 


3. Quiet Luxury - Quiet luxury is all about neutrals and classics. Think basics but elevated with dreamy high quality fabrics and muted colorways. Opt for more timeless hues such as camel, ivory, navy, or black. It allows for easy mixing and matching of pieces while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. Look for pieces that aren't overly flashy or embossed with logos. 

4. Barrel-Leg Jeans - It's safe to say that we've already established the demise of skinny jeans over the past few years. It's hard not to see the shift. We told you a few months ago that the trend is here to stay, and jeans are only getting wider. Shop our favorites for the season below! 

4. Oversized Dressing - In every category, oversized dressing continues to be a popular trend, reflecting comfort, versatility, and a relaxed yet stylish aesthetic. Heading into spring we have so many new styles that we can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned for more spring arrivals! 
Tracy Hobbs